Monday, August 27, 2012

life of the mind

which differs from person to person yet still has    
     such similarities as to make from it a greater life
(although some have ideas of privacy or
     limits to their lives or their thoughts which are
so great that they have no extension)

could this be entirely performative, with no deep
    structure, nothing fundamental, supportive, basic?
(or in the search through untold excesses of
       activities are such questions in doubt?)

what of the nutritive organs?
    from where comes expansion?

brain & mind did a dance to find the what of existence,
the stance of extension, the distance of defiance, the lust
of romance, the romance of ideas, the leas of the past,
passing, at last, into a light of understood compassion

self & others separate yet joined in comprehension  
of mental examination, germination & interaction

is it possible that the felicity of “freedom”
    be denied in the complexity of a foundation
           sufficient to both build & continuously
    break down billions on billions of natural     
       activities immediately proceeding from this    
so that human endeavor can be precipitated
            out of these multitudinous non-iterative
repetitions including such  peculiar chances
      as the emergence of a democracy supporting
& supplying each citizen with the necessities
         of life in a continuity of co-operation
thus great commonwealths, engines, angels,
         psychopaths & feces spring from minds &
     bodies, disappearing in instants
             or generations:
                            spray over oceans


Judith Copithorne: I recently published ..where?...oh yes in 17 seconds the on-line magazine created by the redoubtable rob mclennan.  And these pieces were given a great twist by Roland Prevost the amazing web person who prepared these concrete pieces for the magazine by making them into little film clips!!

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