Thursday, May 24, 2012

What kind of belt does Orion wear?

Photo:  Father sky.    David Graham

Rounding the bend into the home stretch of my month driving the TRUCK, I give you one more poem by John Ingemann.  As I noted before, it's been a great pleasure to be able to feature the work of some of my former students in this space.

Stay tuned for something a bit different for the last week of May.

What kind of belt does Orion wear?

I imagine
it would be star bound leather,
a buckle of black matter,
strung together with galaxies,
or planetary rings.
The notches, black holes,
waiting for the universe around Orion’s waist
to get toned from the summer months
when he’s on vacation in the Southern zones
busy with cosmic barbeques
and intramural softball leagues.
It’s also nothing showy,
just practical and old
for the nighttime hunter
unable to keep up with the newest winter trends
from up in the heavens
where he strikes his eternal pose
with his not as well known clothes.

--John Ingemann

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