Monday, May 21, 2012

"Leap into summer"

Photo:  David Graham

Two more poems by Barry Spacks for you today--one rather short, one a bit longer, both full of light in true Spacksian fashion.

                                   Listening To Mozart

                                Awake in the dark,
                 the entanglements of years to unbraid,
                      she wakes beside me saying:
                           "It's 4:44...but not for long."


                          This & that and hands & feet,
                aware of the pens in the cracked china cup,
                  the folders crammed with papers: lovely
                          life, oh glorious web of time.

                     Not IN time says the Teacher, we 
                        ARE time as we tune up the Mozart, leap 
                       into summer, 4:44 in the morning
                                  but not for long.

--Barry Spacks


                  O weighty self, chief agonist, 
         every 500 years the Phoenix 
                     flames her nest, reborn from the ashes
                        while you do exactly the same daily, 
                       rising from darkness into the morning. 

--Barry Spacks

Photo:  David Graham

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