Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Questions for an Insomniac

Photo:  "She walks in beauty, like the night."  David Graham

I'm very pleased to be able to offer another poem today by Kate Sontag.

Questions For An Insomniac

Doesn’t it help that it’s still snowing?

And what about making love on the living room floor just before dinner?

You snow-shoed for two hours in the frozen cattail marshes this afternoon, didn’t you?

Has Chagall’s pink horse always looked so silly in that gold frame?

That bureau used to be your stepdaughter’s, didn’t it, when she lived with you?

Wouldn’t a chocolate sugarplum taste wonderful right now?

What exactly is Enron?

Shouldn’t you turn out the light and stop flipping through cooking magazines?

Are you sad K-Mart is filing for bankruptcy?

How does it feel not to have seen your mother in almost two years?

Who is snoring in the other room, the dog or the man?

Why don’t you write a letter to your favorite poet?

And who would that be?

--Kate Sontag

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