Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Love Poem with Row Boat

Photo:  Barn Door.      David Graham

And one final poem from Paula Sergi.   Enjoy.  Tomorrow being my last day at the wheel of TRUCK, look for something different. . . .

Love Poem with Row Boat

At a curve in the path
near a pause in the gentle hill,
blades of yellow-green grass

cover the mound of brown earth,
soft as fur beneath our feet. Earth
so rich we smell nut shells,

watch moth wings shed morning’s
wash of dew. Too soon
for blossoms, but nubs of early

iris arms twist around their secret—
we predict purple. The door
to a weather-worn shed

hangs on rusted hinges,
open just enough to show
cool dust and loose shingles,

nails and a rusted fish hook.
We’ve never seen this building
at the edge of our lawn,

budding true as any story.
In the back a wooden row boat
peels its blue paint,

bobs on the wrinkled linens
of a man-made lake. You turn
to me, unshaven, murmur

Let’s push off.

--Paula Sergi

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