Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Miracles of Jesus

Photo:  Holding Pattern.  David Graham

For a number of years now I've looked forward to new poems by Martha Silano as a dog looks forward to a walk.  You should check out her work if you haven't.  Really.

Here's a link to a review I did of her most recent book, The Little Office of the Immaculate Conception:

There's a sample poem there for you to enjoy.  And here's a link to her own blog, where you can find even more tasty treats:

The Miracles of Jesus
Pulled a coin from a fish’s mouth, bought a lottery ticket 
worth $666,000, fifty-two equal payments. Morphed 

a few measly loaves into billions of bread crumbs, enough 
for 2,000 years of Momma Shea’s Best-Ever Meatloaf. 

Turned Talking Rain into Chardonnay, Arrow Springs 
into Pinot Grigio, all the while skittering over the sea 

like a feisty Basilisk, all the while reviving Lazarus, ridding 
the world of its bleeding and blindness, its leprous 

and dropsied. Get up and walk! And crutches toppled 
like tombstones while spirits and demons hightailed it 

up the Jordan River. So many mackerel, the nets 
unknotted, loosed from the fishermen’s no longer 

withered hands. Though Carlo Rossi would’ve sufficed,
broke out the ’61 Chateau Calon Segur Saint Estephe,

its solid tannic backbone, cigar box nose (Youthful
despite its age … I was really surprised it was still alive)

--Martha Silano

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