Wednesday, May 9, 2012

"Blubber and boo-hoo"

Photo:  "Cherry Tomatoes"  David Graham

Blubber and Boo-Hoo

The garlic ramps arrive early to the Amish grocery,
my green bag blossoming curly kale and
organic golden beets under spring sun.
So what one of us thought we were arguing.
The sun followed us all the way here. Didn’t
the bald eagle land on cue in her baby’s nest
atop a telephone pole as we drove past dragging
our silence like a sloshing bucket between us?
The twist in every story resembles DNA,
and that’s how ladders evolve too. I spent
my afternoon climbing one, and when I finally slept
it was curled in someone else’s attic. Some say
soulmates break the surface like islands
in an archipelago. I know you were born
an island. I know because I was born
the ocean, meaning you were a river
once, and before that, we must have met 
somewhere in the rain.

--Brent Goodman

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