Saturday, November 1, 2014

Barry Schwabsky

Decus et Tutamen

Head wide under rusted flowers
can’t commit but war may change your mind
love knows only love
so leave philosophy under the mattress

oxygen body, chemical music
or decomposition
so catch (as catch can)
the snow on your lip

an underlying grid structure: lace
in a station somewhere in the wilderness
years pass, too late for me
I heard its glow

sipped the milk of the instant
baby eyesore
calamitous sun
we should not abandon ourselves

collections of pearls, ashes, tears
of carnivorous paint
the gap between me and the air
the idea that eats us

intensified with my name
I’ll send your little friends up
a voluntary accident
someone doesn’t know as lettered coinage.

 © Barry Schwabsky


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  1. Barry Schwabsky is the first person to answer my "Call for Works". A warm thank you to Barry, a wonderful poem from a wonderful friend.