Friday, November 7, 2014

Gary Lukich

                     I Walked Alone

I walked alone down Walnut Street,
                           one starless, street lit night.
                  The air was crisp and to my despair
                           no other soul in sight.
Yet, lining down this street of woe
                           were trees that glistened in the glow,
                  For a mist had settled upon the limbs,
                           not interfering with my whims.
Then arriving at a crossing street
                           I shuddered off the coldness, stamping my feet.
                  Should I stop or turn to go?
                           I must confess, I didn’t know.
                  Yet, I thought, as I decided to stroll,
                            how nature’s beauty can heal the soul.
                  While I admired the glistening upon the trees,
                            my worries eroded from a slight cool breeze.

*Over the years, spending many days and nights in Philadelphia hospitals or doctor’s offices, on many occasions it was a lonely walk back to the parking garage. While healing in between surgeries and therapies, working on getting the use of my arms and fingers back, I always tried to keep a smile and upbeat outlook on prospects.  To this day, that has made the difference.  But, I must confess, it is human nature to become disillusioned at times.


                           In The Night

                  Tonight the world is sleeping,
                           dark skies and stars above,
                  the willows gently weeping,
                           with whispering coos from gentle doves.

                  Above the tall dark pine tops
                           a breeze so briskly blows,
                  as it resonates the memories
                           of nights so long ago.

                  How the wind is wailing
                           like a once again refrain,
                  yet thinking back to yesterdays,
                           will they ever come again?

                  The embers in the fire
                           emit an eerie glow,
                  as sparks fly wildly upward,
                           and the surroundings dimly show.

                  These nights amongst the forest
                           where the wind sways every bough,
                  will always be remembered,
                           every moment, high or low.

                  *Remembering nights around campfires many years ago
                        while camping in the Boy Scouts of America.  Yet, as I sit
                        around a fire now and then, I reminisce these days gone by.

© Gary Lukich


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