Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Alexander Dickow

Ice Storm at Freezeout Ridge, circa 1988

And we arose
Always more highly up
Evermore more lifting
Atop the climb beyond
As far until the sinking undermost clouds
Would loom toward downward
And mountainous lofty mass
Surrounds around.

The thunder
Gradual accumulating occurred
Till once the building up storm
Had went at full sway and begun
At last we completely reached
Upon Freezeout Ridge.

The mosses and Artemisia
And so many another near herbs
Foam teeming and tiny sprout
In root tundra cities throughout
The sheen and sliver flesh
Of ice and sleet.

Ourselves wedged in the bending frost,
Soon unrooting and swept
Against any moment
The gale and over the valley canvas
A boundless irresponsible art
Like the weather.

© Alexander Dickow


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