Monday, November 3, 2014

Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino

Conklintown Road


or mortal hear, a little chin.  a little foot. 
trouts.  and hooks. 

are tumble.  and pie.  and loss
and loving at all times

are to loss.  and loving at all times. 

at hand.  a hand, or, in prosperity.  in melon

in company. 
it is a man.  it is a woman. 

this is the scene in your favorite movie. 
this is the journey taken on foot. 

this is the orphan whose memories we cannot place. 
this is a plate of yesterday’s bread and milk. 


or mortal see,
in time and in state of mind,

a curve or fold or surfaces. 

lines.  are tortile and pie.  and given
to loving at all times. 

this little chin is an angle for compliments. 

this little foot is over the falls. 
this last curve will take your breath away. 

this is a raisin and this is a melon seed. 
this little hand is something to date things by. 

and given, to loss, and to loving at all times. 
closer, at hand

© Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino


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  1. Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino’s most recent volume of poetry is The Valise (Dead Academics Press, 2012). In his spare time he writes at his blog, The Postmodern Romantic, and edits the online poetry journal, Eratio.