Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Richard E. Dillon


Mercy In The Mix

under every darkness
though where
by lone eye
light is sought

all may follow.


Babes part orbs

in Saucerian labs.



The Biography of Julia Child

Julia Child had by this point endured
her childhood and their envy by living
well larger than the tiny appetites
of all of us enjoying a splash of Chardonnay
Garcon!  Ici! Dancing pina colada 
lobsters on silver platters - and so it all
boiled down to that fateful day
the apotheosis of her gustatorial life
taking a savor of ambergris pesto to her tongue
tip by means of a single rigatoni speared
on the  brilliant tine of her golden fork:
"Chef Boyarde!  You are a genius!"


Yeats on Pound

I ask William Yeats in dream about the strange case
of Ezra Pound. Yeats replies that Pound's case is,
"Difficult, indeed.
                            It is as a peacock wrestling
with a pig. It is as the shadow of a peacock
wrestling with the shadow of a pig."

© Richard E. Dillon


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