Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Skip Fox

Radical Harp Curve

Gamma oscillations during cardiac arrest were global and highly coherent; moreover, this frequency band exhibited a striking increase in anterior–posterior- directed connectivity and tight phase-coupling to both theta and alpha waves. High-frequency neurophysiological activity in the near-death state exceeded levels found during the conscious waking state. These data demonstrate that the mammalian brain can, albeit paradoxically, generate neural correlates of heightened conscious processing at near-death.1

      or arch . . .        from the paradox         a brace of correlates flush
          into rush light         & the hilarity of silences            connectivities
      previously unconceived          realms in-folding         saturated with light
  & memory             neural coordinates ablaze                  essence of living over
       radical heart curve         dying                vibrance encircled by nothing
            droplets       of brilliance        in consummate darkness          all things       
     flowing       thru what was once             center                   now a new
          issuance         as from a darkened corner         or different           core
   no longer             executive function           involuntary systems           integrated
      with assorted cerebral events                    predicated on the furtherance
of an impoverished identity          but globes of sudden luminescence              floating
        thru resonant sonorities             understanding at last          what thinking
     might be              frontier to port city         continent discovered in a flash
histories bound by eternity’s slightest twitch         all we ever thought        not even
     a wriggling speck            in what came before      & shall surely come after
          a sense of pure sentience            within vast negations                     earth’s
     radiant signature                      signing off                      or a detonation
  animating the ambient         illuminating the cusp of consciousness           collapsing
                the limbic span         an explosion of alphabets           animal alphabets
               of wind and earth’s vibrations                           alphabets of wonder
                  existence’s fluency            
                                                                 the signing off         without regret
                                            . . .
                                                           imagine the rush light         recognitions
            and recombinations         flowing into an infinite indeterminacy           
    bounding     over               whatever was conceived
                                   without borders
                                                     all the while wondering . . .

© Skip Fox

[1]from abstract to Surge of neurophysiological coherence and connectivity in the dying brain,@ Jimo Borjigin, et al. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 8 Aug. 2013.

1308285110. (I sensed none of this when I later had a heart attack in the spring of 2014. Or maybe I can't remember or my arrest was not arrested long enough. All I sensed was nothingness.)


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