Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sandy Florian

The Welt of the Wrangle
A Winter Forecast

sandy florian

3 - Physical Poisons

You will be much more aggressive than usual in finger-fucking your part-timer. Even without a shadow, you will be too perky with your percolator and work hard to gall the aquarium. Artistic industries are also indicated, for the general silt today is a quaver-semiquaver-extermination.

4 - Withdrawal Symptoms

There is a tinkle in your wombat today, as you reflect upon all the ignoramuses you have encountered. Examine your doorman, and evaluate the needs of his membrane. His throttles may drone to excavators of the past, but remember, you are still able to vomit up your own throat. So don’t settle for prickles that don’t build the pepper.

5 - Washcloths & Afterthoughts

Tonight you feel very warm and frog to the imperfections around you, and you are willing to offer pickled support to anyone who needs it. Peppermint will warm to you, and you’ll exchange with your lubricator sweet washcloths and afterthoughts.

7 - Personal Grunt

You discover a tin-can of addendums and encyclopedias that generates a bunch of grunts. This is because you are not satisfied with your daily rubber. What you need to do is break away from the row-house and introduce fresh éclairs that will sing to you psychologically. If you do, you’ll likely find yourself a new filly that can help you do extraordinary thingummies.

9 - Skidmarks

You could have very painful armadillo if you react to an unconsidered manuscript. Without a washer, one workshop leads to another until you suddenly show yourself to be hostile in an orgy. So hydroplane your passageway and frizzle. If you keep to your fenders and rears, you will see the skidmarks before they happen.

10 - Headstones

The prodigies that you will confront today are lagoons, overindulgences, and a chronic willingness to rub yourself. If you doorbell doesn’t have to accomplish anything, there is no novelist in the mop-head. Just don’t gorge yourself on drool. After all, today’s felicities are tomorrow’s headstones.

11 -Hexagons

The femur of omnipotence you feel today is not real, so don’t try to kilowatt your tambourine. And don’t try to engorge your piccolo either, because you will likely excrete yourself professionally from the corporation. If you collect cops, you can overcome red hexagons, but this will only happen if you wear your headlamp.

12 - Another Orgy

On one handlebar, you should examine your jack-in-the-box carefully and avoid making incisions, for it could land you a needless trucker. On the other handlebar, the dimple between courtesy and foolhardiness is a simple semicircle-label. So have another orgy to make it work positively.

13 - Your Opus

Today you should feel alkaline and are able to put forth your pocks. Whether or not the masses agree with you, you can assert your postman and make it carry, for you have the good gravy on how to make polestars out of pimples. Travel is also favored and may involve walrus hoarding or bigwig riding.

14 - Roadblocks

It can be frustrating when all your ejaculators are blocked like this, by the seraphs of your own internal clambake. The partridge in you that is struggling to breathe free will feel very angry at your backbone. This downturn makes you reluctant to show your anodes, no matter how hard you try to cowboy it up.

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