Sunday, April 27, 2014

Bob BrueckL

Derby Night Delight

Swaths of selvage, yeet!

Fick vibex pupusa phimosis,
cacosmia pochoir, wickiup scherzo-neutrois flot,
machinistic emoji spuilzie moonquake assertions,

immiscible, hypertrophied permutations,

slatherings of smeary seisms
pared down to wimpy retractions
mooching off antsy cum loads.

Wotcha nipped numb?

Chiseled flox injections,
webified buttnecks attuned to invective,
to scrat one's balls, the viscosity of atrocious trifles.

Wagyu?  Voips, eerie ecru, whingy noobs,

they inhere to being inertly inane,
deadbeat arsle, muddy funckia windpipes,
fleckier & flippier, fogou?

Toupeed intrusions, slightly off kilter, thropple

the unzipped guqin commotion
satiating the yeukier matter-of-factness,
you silly snool.

The haunches of the phylogenetic lineage

of the poet's tail & entrails
unbuttons the ziplock asscheeks,
tooting on the carnyx, fucking my throat.

Taut chyle wrestles with the pungent oddity

of the efficacy of indolent feculency
flimsily fizzing out while exuding
a conjugial spumescence.

Acrid sputum bemerds the disruptive sebum dreck,

grume gound, girthy cruft
swiping the blubbery poonch
woozily scrutching the gluteal furrow.

Ascrotal tungz retract the vibices of

imagined vile odours and the musk
of umwelt shutters engorged with e
lectro-ejaculation probes in ink-pots


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