Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Lanny Quarles

Daniel Tiffany (In Mie Mie's Kitchen)

many shall run to and fro within a jeweled and silver taco

across the high and empty
hospital food court atrium
sat a lone and portly hispano-femme
holding a cellphone up to her cranium
which was shrouded carelessly in long blonde hair
and though she was much distant
there were plainly twin fleshy bags
beneath her dark quiet eyes
yerba mate' teabags so

in a sense the atrium was to blame
for what happened next
as i ate my two egg and bacon tacos
waiting for my wife's uterine polyp
to be surgically removed

i stared at her across the room
in a manner no less slack-jawed than she
but began to see that she was
a mayan morgan fairchild
with her bare brown foot
up on the table

exuding primitive nobility
the nude foot took on a roguish provocation
and seemed to me like a daring explication
of chinese foot-binding a totally mole' UFO

but after i had finished my taco
i began to realize that the foot
was not a foot at all
but a crumpled paper bag
sitting alone on the table's surface

it was then that the old shaman
entered the food court atrium
as a deep green jaguar so nearly black
and i thought as i walked back
to the surgical waiting room

about william wordsworth's enormous
indolent hands like oaken rudders
being caressed by the tiny vicious
skilled and gentle hands
of my unconscious wife's
beautiful young asian gynecologist

and i thought of her small dry hands
as mayan anacreontiques
and the medical city as the castle of otranto
filled with innumerably metered heartbeats

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