Wednesday, April 2, 2014

John Bennett

the vomited toast

. swelling . sneeze . clod or .
comb . ice fold . eh eh eh .
my twister . in your dogged
folder . boom where ,lawn
... the twice coughed ,your
. bigger face . what’s che
wed . ?

...bolus ,nap...

the boot

my mirrored head ash my
...not here ...the crazy
lake laugh ))jars pulsing
in the silt((( yr conten
ido fatídico it’s the nor
te ,b lanco ,in revisible
vertido oditrev ni ,ángulo
,s troked a cross the mu
ddy sink re flexion my

eye n burnt

the is

spelled the hung er my
leg swoll )L( the dou
ble ph one the d ouble
p hone I ccalledd my
ththigh its clotted ha m
y l ung ex planation s
poke back into my m
mouthth where the ash
congealed where the )sal
ted shoe( ‘s’s


the wave

...yr foggy leg” wha
t astes the slot’s m
ist loss’ suit lunch d
rib b l e what the
sweaty fork re f lected w
as the F enhancement ,dou
ghy clouds dragging down
the window ┌─┐dead ,,,f,,,
,l,i,e,s,,, on sill┌─┐ ))yr fiss
ured negck((( the corn
born the laundered shoe’s
chewed bread ]balOney
sandwich frOm the dumpster[
so the sky Forgetting ,wob
bles in yr exhalation

wind ,or closing the eyes

the tide

ay fondled the lunch sack
lint raised my sticky fin
gers to the wind curled o
ver the dumpster ver la
pelusa ocular los pedazos
de pared pintada con
plumas incontinentes el
agua que cae en la bolsa
de papel ,grasienta ,lam
ida ,twisted to the sh
ape of a turd {

la jaqueca

plac ard iente who
lly wallets where the d
oor oncet was ah
long hopping neck ah e
ndoemetic force attr
action HEEL heel
into the sopppy rrug the
spider drowned an pin
ched the ear ,list
ened to the paper’s
char the wet black
crumbpling on yr labp qu’un charnel polypier.
- Arthur Rimbaud

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