Thursday, April 24, 2014

Ric Royer

I do not like kissing.

Mouth kissing. The closeness of the teeth, perhaps that is why. Kissing is an unpleasant combination of love and eating.

I do not like kissing.

But I have kissed I’ve kissed for love and I have kissed for more or less and it has never been productive. No. Love has never gotten any work done.
Perhaps a kiss is nice after a long day of work. To come home and have a little kiss,
I think I’ve heard of this. But there are other ways to come home.

I do not like kissing
And I do not like working.

I do not like working.
I do not like kissing.

There shall be no kissing at work. Kissing does not get any work done. And those in love kiss more and kissing is the enemy of production, and enemy of the state. And when the hippies kissed in the streets it was to say, “Hello, I am kissing instead of working and I love it, take that the state!” and then they became bored of kissing and I don’t know the rest of the story.

Kissing, working, murdering.

When we don’t work, we can kiss. If we can’t find work, we murder.  If a criminal twists off someone’s whole head, kissing becomes either extraordinary or not really important.
I sometimes watch graphic murder videos online, often late at night.

I do not like graphic murder videos.

They keep me awake and infect me. All of the reasons people watch them are true.  And then-some. I occasionally watch them in groups. I once tried kissing while watching these videos and it worked! It almost worked! But the kissing was just a challenge, to show death the wagging finger of kissing.
There is a video of the Mexican drug cartel executing a teenage girl by cutting her throat and then twisting her head until it comes off.

I do not know if the Mexican drug cartel likes kissing.  I bet they do not. If you see them kissing, if you see a video of these scary men locked in a passionate kiss, then it would most likely be a joke. A joke played on kissing, as if to say “Hello, we are kissing instead of murdering, and we hate it, take that love!” Because of the state, they do not work, so they murder, and have no time for kissing. But perhaps if they learned to kiss, they would do less beheading.

Kissing is better than murder.

If they could find work, they wouldn’t even need to kiss anymore, or do anything.
Why do I watch if it bothers me? The girl was crying and begging for her life. She pissed her jeans, and her executioners mocked her for pissing before they forced her to the ground, made two quick and deep cuts to her neck. Then, yes, the head soon came off in a man’s hands.

I do not like murder.

Of kissing, working and murdering, I like murder the least. But I still do not like kissing. But I still do not like kissing. Kissing takes time. A pair can kiss all night if they want to and they would get nothing done. A pair can kiss and talk, and touch and rest, and make love and kiss and kiss and kiss and kiss and kiss and connect and feel safe and feel loved and kiss and feel the rush of giving love and kiss and kiss and kiss and kiss and get nothing done.

I do not like kissing.

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