Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Foofwa d'Imobilité

Utérus, pièce d'intérieu

Close to what we talked about a couple of years ago, close to the real (no planning at all) improvisation. The only thing is that, over the two and a half months of work spread over four months, we developed a certain culture, a certain fertile ground around certain themes (sickness, dying, death, falling in love, birth, baby). but at the time of the dance, we "forget" every thing and allow anything to happen... here is how i describe this approach/technique:

« être ici présent », « the being here present » :

one being's appearance, emergence, arising, occurrence, surfacing of anything at any moment

« listening » to oneself

being as close as possible to every instant

being as permeable as possible so as to allow any manifestation, appearance  of one's being : movements, sounds, voice, words, desires, rejections

trying not to judge what comes out

trying to be as close to possible to the emergence of things, and as close as possible as what and how they are arising

trying not to order the manifestations in a way that seems reasonable, or known

trying not to build choreographically or musically or esthetically

trying not to stick to a certain mode of expression

trying not to think and judge as an audience member would do

allow for things to remain or change at any moment

able to search, explore the state present, allow for mistakes, trial and errors

come into the (scenic) context – others, lights, sounds, etc. : allowing it to influence one's state or action without forgetting to always « listen » to oneself

allow one's personality and own culture to arise at any moment

allow things that were worked together for the piece to occur without having to stick to them : they can happen in any way they might emerge

for the creation of the lighting design, the music and the costumes, i told the people: "do whatever you always wanted to do and never dared or had the opportunity of doing" and "do the creation you would do if you were to die in a month", whether or not it had anything to do with the title, or our dance.

Utérus, pièce d’intérieur

First performance, in its entirety but in fast forward (2min40sec):

Close-up of the third performance (39min01sec):

WIde shot of the ninth performance (38min39sec):

Short excerpt of the third performance (2min07sec):

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