Friday, November 18, 2016

Vernon Frazer

Entropic Pricing in Practice

rogue swarm precipitates broker
a decimal speed at caddy forking
isolate repentance sheets ache
the tongue warming a loan shark
simulacrum heat among predicated
nostril sessions left to blow vantage
when currency learns debacle heat
every worn frenzy taking miles
to learn or shade degrees of umbrage
breaking under low heat ailment
corsage as their mellifluous flume
keening rental display in burial
intrepid lecture facets grim relation
while bellicose emporiums bare deluxe
lumens to shatter the aching dead
knightly legends in revival camp
icon-glazed locus wires tripping
vision glasses too frenetic a tune
slipping passage the midnight fire
elicits a shade of formal torpor
disposed through an orderly madrigal
imposed soot on the impounded
wherever vesicles haunt the lining
no hybrid detergent dares edify
forklift seductions iron only the grate
achieve well-bent scenario clutter
along the cliff walks of their mind
shifting a fallacious palisade rift
from darkened frenzy to faded gray
the call berating the testament
that will last while forever altered
covens witness a convenient mirage
contrarily despite the statement
delivering umber-toned commas
readily before the stoking inquisitor
bearing the grimace fork
raw-handed cleats a venture
worth the sentient homily
no binding assigned while
paper cache words can bluster
warmly-illustrated wilding tokens
to bounce a known renunciation
down the waking stagger path
while cross as a fence time bucket
derailed by fetal station brick
postponing its infinite definition
no sequel left to follow dawn
gripping their vaunted icicle
lacing habits trenchant rates
meant the torrent waddled
to the latest defecation meter
to search the last wallow left
hogs before pork barrels belted
forking tunes in precipice salons
remedial animus induction scored
hatchet swallowers delegating
the corset overreach to climb
latter bells that rung in tumid
tempo the latter long encased
in shrug dimension passing
realms that roar their past concern
dogged as the face of the choir
gargoyles easing down to match
before the sulfur compounded
historic dissuasions after current
collections forbid the confused
a barking rotisserie infusion
whose coercion cost them
decimally manipulated assimilation
when the park closed at upset
mariposa pending supplement
not included as finery buttons
stolen metaphor enamel ringlet
cuspidor fixation panels past
therapy rotor encouraged brief
camel questions low disrepair
whereas cargo necessities forego
somnolent disorder vipers on wood
eponym arbiters able to venom
regardless the type of replica
sold emerging vocal hints dryly
snatching the boiled detention
portage authority sudden misuse
caught scraping new lint barrages
from monetary subterranean haunts
left ghosting a wet fedora dream
no linear dialectic inserted fragment
or section departing the mentor
alongside a harbor dock obligato
purse snatched in rummage savory
as pencilled revenge incursions
split the seam where the bend lies
about reversing a shaded contour
beveled to rise above the given
hint of whitewash filament glinting
steel-eyed quandary buttons
bereft a lapel for hatching the glow
left to suffer slowly while the heat
drifted a simmer wing across the stare
unfolding the slip to a new montage
brickading the focal resuscitator
driven to invoking natal plumage
seating required thickets in advance
or cargo receipts drifting ashore
no matter the tinted mark it receives
no score too low to disqualify morbid
curiosities among a killed-cat ratio
glimpsing a rare discursive break
when sidelines boost a green to-do
listing toward a leftward blank
dividend a mustard sealant boom
vocal as a breaking denunciation
fabric rehearsal nadir bleached
recumbent where the locks will fail
the quizzical remembrance tasted
with pale paragon ale moochers
fretting in pineal sheds dispensing
an impatience physically blocked
and numbered outplay vergers
who reach their peaks around
corners sly as the game horned
its gloried top a bare nonchalance
with steaming vigor discharging
its drift below their going rate

Dream a Generation Away

rutabaga polish
rides a sanskrit momentum

calypso fury casts the last rendition


enamel passion
brings its own veneer
to hidden sightings

vegetation budgets an inner flourish

before melting lavender
pots its ancient shrug

while inaction seeks its tongue


an action pursued
the molting factotum legend
of suit incarnation

dispassionate, buried
seven layers of ancient cities
bubble above the shale


radical depiction
cherishes a hairy flourish

the vegetable innovative crew

merrily words away
the gray whitening to the rhythm’s light

an edition only dreamed to last

Taking the Last Ride Out

umbrella menu
bleeds a starch crayon
before the ravens

carve a swinging tether
for others on showboat
cruises catching an ice

floe before the crouton slows

its timed delivery
to wagon rains treading west


steel marchers relish
the reeling swelter heat gives
an empty diatribe faucet

when running
tendon stampers cleave hot footage

under the wattage
largely supplied to
pass a clan barge

baring the hair from its radial shirt


a harsh relic renewed
the parched planning
accruing slower wind

before the throttle navigation rained
a denture surplus
devoured the cold invention
pure from dead gums

caught the ordinary late-fowl perusing

a caustic hemisphere
of furnished contraband to breathe
quartets left for dancing


numerals planning
their craven du jour
elastic in its dwelling

amnestic as the night implies

wetland follies
plan an arching need
to save accords

ointment seizures left unexplained

the last beef shard impaled
past a nominal resentment
leathers moribund appetite

to emaciate
their guests

reply: occlusions paste through winging hunger

Buddha Goes to Marketing

motorcade brigands
drive the nirvana subterfuge

radials breathe asphalt
bearing a puck the side
infusion stoking flames

a vacant display in motion


where the one will suffice
two will almost equally do
binary universal diversion

as its arbitrary mathematics play

a charged beatitude specific
to the lowered range its roar
barricades with steel temper


conflict grows
under red bandanas

tablecloths of the swollen mind
a scuffle horse riding the latitudes
lumber dawns a metal reprise

after dinner roaches
divine the soaring clatter

station pages share the one
of many shuffled during the profit vision

Slippery Resolution

a vaseline missive
shreds the nearest tentacle
strangling a measure

built to buttress
the pleasure turning tense
from its past

offing, no template
secured before an undue
season or cramp

left to grounding
the mystical veterans lost
their ancient ring

an arpeggiated future
brings grim pleasure streaming
beam music glows

loggerhead branches
wrapping their treasured redress
before enjoying grievance

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