Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Mark Young


Mater Misericordiae

God & fishing & I
dream of Jeannie.
Seems like we’re
not in Kansas any-
more. Or anywhere
else except for an
unparalleled universe
that is north of the
border & a couple of
centuries behind. The
words in the Scand-

noir novel I’m reading
peel off the page, an
interim tabula rasa, to
be gradually replaced
by pictures of fish,
deities from a variety
of religions, & a 1773
TV guide writ large
in cuneiform. I pick
a glyph at random: the
screen explodes. I’m

in the center when it
settles, with a multi-
limbed body reminiscent
of some obscure deity,
the head of a fish, &
a twitching nose that
refreshes scrolling bites
to keep me up to date
on what the celebrities
of Oz have been up to
whilst I’ve been away.


   Sought structure. Not
              in his life
                but in the
           things it was
                    pinned out
               upon. Not
             patterned butterfly
          but the cabinet
                without, the
            white card-
              on which
                it flew.

28kg tumor filled a WHEELBARROW

We have changed our party policy so that there is now no fetter that prevents us selling uranium, improving trade links, or teaching more Mandarin. This is an act of self-indulgence which highlights the need for ongoing reform in the next two to three hours. Communities in particularly—based on past experience—vulnerable areas are being advised to move into designated target areas. Light rail could be a pivotal issue.

the end of the world arrives

she ate gazpacho
in the

the gaze
of a gazelle.

A line from Simón Bolívar

A platonic view of kinesthesia
is that we have been "out of
touch" with the internet ever
since the advent of the phrase

Netflix & chill forced morphemes in
the middle reaches to abandon their
wait for the arrival of a new iPhone
& adopt pure illusion as reality.


the forest,for

a peeping pablo

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