Tuesday, November 15, 2016

rob mclennan

Hannah Lilly’s house, Dresden

Soft, the wainscot. Foothold lawns. Maine, New England. Anxious. Months of cupped hands, handled. Charged. A tree of gathered, flower. Figures. Bury your face. A universal custom. Flags, enough to form a sea. Tongue, meet pebble. Water, broke. How often does a poem. In tiny house, a town, a town, a trestle. Deep drop of generations, yard. Some qualities are effortless. French and German Huguenots. Can’t subject an offence. Years of so-called civilization. Miserable, miserable. Scuffmarks. Unrelated lilac progress. Disjunct; foresworn to some stout parchment. Paper, ornamental script, a seal. Draw beeswax, lilt. The pleasures of the human body, hid. Suppress, suppress. Incorrectly read the signs. Ancestors, jabber. Chapter X, if weather permits. A draft, a sketch, a windowsill of dead flies swept. Rebuffed. Unpassage, mouth. When we say the name, and. And. A nickname, west. Abandoned. Then we turned a deficit.

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