Monday, November 14, 2016

Sam Truitt10 poems

                        To throw our arms…”

                           To throw our arms
                           around a moment

                           throws our arms
                           around the dream

                           the universe we

                           are the voice
                           of throbbing  

                         There is a tail…”

                           There is a tail
                           like a comet’s

                           behind the sun
                           we are wove

                           to like one
                           braid we ride

                           together space
                           w/ our genders

                           & our breath
                           turns & every

                           woven thing
                           that moves b/w

                           us is energy
                           on a journey

                           we have only
                           begun to


                        “Earth swallows…”

                           Earth swallows
                           flesh swallows

                           life swallows

                           & there is no

                           we can make
                           that doesn’t fit
                           in our mouths

                        “I’m going to sit…” 

                           I’m going to sit
                           on my ass

                           & speak
                           into your face

                           what comes to
                           me from behind

                           watching a sound
                           being formed

                           from a message
                           being tore

                           out of the love
                           letters breathed

                           into my heart               
                           to fling back

                           the dark
                           world we leave


                        “A perfect…”

                           A perfect

                           a shadow on
                           the wall is

                           writing to
                           sit inside &

                           grow still as
                           we are able

                           to climb to
                           put words in

                           place of

                       “The way escapes…”

                           The way escapes
                           no dance

                           & calling to
                           its rhythm

                           our hearts up
                           from the middle

                           flows in every
                           direction every

                           there is joy   

                           & there is each    
                           moment met

                           in surrender
                           to  its swarm

                           The Sun

                           Things made
                           without love

                           turn out
                           the same

                           to the task

                           but to make
                           love one

                           is flung
                           beyond creation

                         “When we let…”

                           When we let
                           go the mind

                           we let
                           go the rhyme     

                           let go long
                           ago to hide

                           what we cant
                           find when we

                           close our eyes
                           we’re not leaving

                           because we’ve no
                           place to go
                           all things show
                           thru the open

                           chord our form
                           mouths in silence

                           drifting home

“To stick a stick…”

To stick a stick
                           in the ground

                           is to stake
                           the world

                           or sway in the arms
                           of a tree almost

                           alive as
                           a woman is

                           to a man
                           or part woman

                           or part man
                           to another man

                           or woman
                           or part human

                           & silence
                           looking out a sky

                           on a star
                           we can never know

                           the end of


                           “The coast…”

                           The coast

                           to measure

                           there is no

                           way to get

                           you can
                           never get there

                           from here

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