Friday, November 25, 2016

Amid a Stellar Ape

Antiseptic borscht revolves
in pumpkin plywood acetate
and chilled √©clair.  

Putt-putt almond geysers cling
to mumbled appendectomies.

Lusty flesh can talk
to trench coat collar
fists in geisha twirls
of liner slant commando.

Obviated symmetries
cough up a streetcar bell
in furlong fill o’clock
adept of atelier.

Reasoning islands fight
amid a stellar ape,
emitting fastballs.

Donut Scroll

Oozing decks collide
in parturition plops
and clue-gun clumps
of matted embolism.

Toggling cold piping,
the snitch abets
an astigmatic glint.

Respirator eyehole winks
at hypostatic gypsum seat
in slattern seaboard sailboat
plop of waking statuary bliss.

Donuts scroll
in backbeat shyness

era bubble graft.

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