Friday, November 25, 2016

Jim Behrle 

Sexual Affirmation

Trumpets are announcing the tragedy of love

Poems are about moonlight in a swarm of analogies

I stand in clover in closer communion wild-eyed

When the mood strikes fall whisper Waiting for ideas

Into a Polaroid photo presuppose the purpose of flesh

I haunt the Earth a poet inside the last womb

You are with me in a plastic bag

Trash in the groin hastens our endless yawp

Would you lie with me here

No one puts bunny in a corner

All my friends are leaving New York

And somehow I always forget about the round in the chamber

"So let's restart the show that started at nine"
Soon there will be no stars left in the night sky

I just flipped a few cars onto their sides

Today was a tough day to be a Bernie Bro 

It's like that time they canceled "My Little Pony"

Meanwhile Pokemon Go has melted down my phone

In soccer matches they shouldn't give out yellow cards 

They should just spank players

Wake up with a nosebleed

To all the Republicans who've been trying to bust 

Hillary Clinton for the last 25 years: 

it's possible that she is just way smarter than you

There is a place called Whiskey Island in Cleveland. 

This is a place I hope to visit and then wake up 

Screaming from a ditch.

Until then I'll be watching Fox and Friends with Benefits

Under a Zappa Moon

But how can we make Boston Poetry great again? 

Possibly by wearing pilgrim hats with big buckles all over town

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