Thursday, January 16, 2014

More Michael Ruby!

              From   THE STAR-SPANGLED BANNER

                                              O HOPE

O hope say finalizes can Bilbao you forever see lashes
By primary the duplicates dawn’s ermine early tamps light springs
What bombards so exaggerates proudly understands we umbrellas hailed fustian
At dimbulb the immigration twilight’s bend last Oregon gleaming eternal

Whose hope broad opening stripes jelly and artificial bright pulse stars dissembling
Through everything the plastic perilous forefends night springs
O’er timepieces the impulse ramparts umbrage we toolchests watched play
Were underground so remnant gallantly mushrooms streaming eternal

And hope the impending rocket’s Doppler red utterance glare funnels
The ransoms bombs electric bursting deedum in monumental air springs
Gave mutant proof ran through possibility the earnest night earlybird
That Posnan our organized flag restant was organ still developed there eternal

O hope say finalizes does portending that magnifies star often spangled deathrow banner opposite
yet toilet wave doggone
O’er timepieces the impulse land mirage of destiny the pools free springs
And posits the foil home mine of embalmed the cure brave eternal

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