Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Michael Ruby!!!

                                                      PURIFY ME

Purify me of little brother hill town raspberry soup & annelids & sizing ramps to polish the
laminated toystore hallways candlemaker fragment figment
remembrance tortured pie plate hanger Rasta talkshow carshop popgun rally board ornery portion
random seismograph poncho caliber anus process pontoon Rangoon Honda
raisinbread hellebore irregular tolerated obfuscation season position region
mistake pogo houseboat halitosis overage overthrown pellet gun irregular holiday bullet
plow through poolroom leaded glass high-backed chairs

Purify me of football binding arbitration hello at onion balls
drinking opinion center elevated aurora sign language daycare part-time salvation Silverado asshole
buying navy cold American flag tax fraud
brokered & told sauna & free flea & handball
runningboard dismal science timed to patrol
little boy built-in slide director telephone show

Purify me of smoke forever & ever amen inside the hard practical sandwich shop & all-night
lucky telescope hose down oily Riley strangle Sanchez baby
broken & disgorged all to make a point to someone not watching
who’s senile or infatuated or eggstained guerrilla theater same burg same bollixed bothered random

death radioactive guarantee horror movie love story prime time rap sandwich
heart breg reg pelt safer porter whole eggnog sauna trap
polyandry eggshell nameday souplines high school pool cue
high school dime like fender laundry serious health crisis lime day ignoble timepiece holiday holster implanted ten times before the ratio crossed the desired ratio unbounded & tooled through
lime time
soaking holiday Harley office officialdom bureaucracy honking sideways envelopes to sensationalize the Durban feather duster eggplant soothsayer parchment holiday

sopping tolerable image shop palace rag samera disgrace
indomitable policy wonk suave swastika painted race
parcels pitched to
caught in the goal postponed throughout the whole Samantha tabulation response & pattern in

Purify me of rhyming dictionary solvent divided by prime rate holiday plan
all paid time line recompense brain-dead relative burgeoning holiday
a select group really tone-deaf telarc tell arcade Ramey
specific individuals doorway to the light of the law the law of the light
the singing holiday solvent loaded directly onto the lawns of courage/& petunias & Tabasco horror
movies brokered for a song

Purify me of friend dog tie tiedye village religion poolroom orifice
corner original pie plate thrice tie lake hemisphere
learn phone reservation time current moon dock polished handwork
football cookout plastic expansion park
roger & out dillydallying China store harmony polish ranger oven stillness semblance remembrance
pogo holiday ranger ice cream dawn cracker prospect

Purify me of streets red bakery hellfire priority sandwiches
broken & left for irregular pear blind icing formula
belfries summoned & left to their own devices
bark aimless Hollinger ride gown insinuates hell to a question
regular to almost practical horoscope & advanced Rawlings pinecone searchlight horror movie spectacle/to register & proctor & hollow out/until
heavyweight Brian ricing my organs & tutoring holiday sessions
heavyweight irony tykes light breaths lemon lacquered holiday barnacle ricecakes

Purify me of son plough not yet holiday random ice polished to perform feats of peacenik
resonance…office parallelograms
weight television time arc house plan possible Warwick richesse pelt blather…bone sewer/tea
garden/orange raft/city

Purify me of failure racing to legislate rain for osprey Togo cornpone
cramps each seasonable mellifluous rhyming polygon
to fruit loose parallel semblance of mascara howdydoody lie about layaway
deepening harbor of disregard to process logic without polish holidays to a bright baggage of
invested in blessed health bar regular demonstration process panhandling park respect
to live up to rhizome holiday sandwich bollix place
so poised so hummus to hang this regular holiday boys store pointed remnant hag prancing for
daylight bony & accustomed to management facility

Purify me of hope consumed & penciled to a very fine information
lacquered to white bark or palace height farrago
to break the reserve origin billboard prime time nuisance music breach
for torrid olive price rind
piled high in pillbox formation stamped with the red
brought to boil time & again in Injun country killdeer killjoy
open & closed ready for performance & onyx
highways take the pine without extenuating circumstances
oranges prevail within the slideshow alternative piecemeal

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