Sunday, January 5, 2014

mIEKAL aND, Robin Brox, and Michael Sikkema!

from pipe triad trios

average is not leverage | wolf moon makes icicles | how’s your mother?

rouge would disguise the fear | weather penetrated to interior | the fine art of

what that kind of tongue is for | right here then here | your beard materials, detailed

arabica vacationland | when the rosemary blooms | fresh raw and on the half shell

coffee preparedness debunked | the pharmacopeia of alliteration | not only allowed but encouraged

not only encouraged but a week without pants | pull another | the icicles aren’t responding

it’s hat weather again | the sex horse was backlit | the harness is for customers, sir

never more than two at a time | best of burden | proper display perfectly poised

throw out your toe shoes | compostable dream matter | ardent philosophy sold here

what the kids call the future | that infection needs a name | I like all the syllables none of the words

wobbles are directly proportionate to hesitations | like liquid | honest revision for a living

like a version | over the rhinovirus | hesitant molecules stammer into solid state

I have it ON authority | it was never explained to me | someone left it outside the door one foggy morning

to halve a ton of authors, see | I’m bored | adaptation absorbed into the lemming hive

start something on fire then | we miss the best ones cuz they’re all forest bound | O hungry me

if only to set the tone for the present moment | triplets tangle triage | one at a time, sailorboy

ahoy there, seagull | every moment is a gift horse | dancer dreams detritus

I drop out here | a musky gone bad | all the lost lures in the lake

overproof love tonic | it’s the geranium, stupid | lake effect sundowner

just more west everyday | the cops can’t prove it though |  I wasn’t even technically born yet

poppy done you wrong, right? | body blows bloody bows | did I really just say that

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