Friday, January 31, 2014

Adeena Karasick!!!

from This Poem: Book II

Through the fercockte gawk-stockin  hack stackers
trickery hickory lexically-licked sticky flickering

in the moonlit marmalade
this poem is relexifying 
at the sidebar

like a discordant accordion 
like manna from mayhem

is ebullient as it blows
waltzing through a
protopunk unctuous
rub-a-dub buttered bathhouse

and offers you a  feisty
zeitgeist, a forever riviera

‘cause when all is said and done,
it’s just a

of outerings, utterings, an outré angsty
stuttered clutter bartered sputter, of phatty latter day flatterers

and says hula lily hillbilly, billiard bombast
ho-hum hum de lilah brouha hoo-ha slap trap
of schizmatic revisionism

And take your slinky hijinx, pixie
fixity of prurient lure of twirly whirlers
a contretemp tempestuous extempora & lay me down in 
an elixir mixer of lexically robust postulates
which say ce soir bette noir,
of gnarly parlors
in a coughing scoffed cacophony of 
acrostic biscuits

a miscued skew of super cinder cendre
slippery ceiling singing
in the flotsam frayed rain stay

Oh this poem is bringing the big guns
opening the sluice gates

all stoked and on trend

hustling its hyper-dramatic excess
flexed with
swishy riffs, pithy spiff grifters

like a shattered chatter-box schadenshow

Oh this poem has missed you  --

and is languishing in its
intra-phonemic flusters, lusty musters,  
roaming like princelings

in the non sequitur récriture
of a pantextual cocktail

riding in a glossy pervertable


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