Saturday, January 25, 2014

Lucas de Lima: Four Poems of the "Dreamily Grotesque"

on columbus day
i am half-choked in the pure time of the jaguar bros
either an iguana or an armadillo tail inserted into my rectum so that
my anal muscles can be stripped out thru
repeated rubbing
then, pressing on my stomach, the jaguar bros
force out & cut a section of my sphincter muscle
rubbed down with astringent plants, a thin twig flexed
in my rectum so it opens my anal tract
like a heart pierced with the fangs of a snake & turned over
as the centered purpose of my soul
the tranced waters beyond my reflection of

warped yards
tattered sails


 each brushstroke of my blood
can grow from a lopped hoofhand
the swelling of my anal lips
against the finger of the brown man whose lips
ripple the pool of my spermatozoid
in which colts throb
anciently awaiting a birth from
2 men
2 men of different races fucking
until the anal lips fill out
ready for the giant equine head
encased in blood and shrinkwrap
leaving cells behind in my body
on the ragged bed
where i give birth to horse after horse
each one thunders down the street
past trash cans aflame
i am left with my brown lover
i hee and haw, his white mare
too much blood loss for me to move
my brown lover drinks it
to flesh out the names of children
we instantly orphan
roses screaming
i cut off my dying hand so rain falls
for cows whose ribs show
each time the sun bursts in my plexus


fire-cry mouth of rays i tip my head back to laugh teething offspring gnaw on glass
a hoof rips out of my belly
i am hoarse the priest slits my throat on a plank
village people under me in a pit because of a nail in the ozone pivoting the rope around
my neck
the boom-chika-boom of a hidebound drum funnels the combusted sun down my
throat my vagina wraps my death in gold

at my erection children throw confetti


my female leg jutted out of the saddle

my male leg wanted to break

the white mare cried her pus

i asked her to rub her pus on my torso

she bruised me with her snout

the lilacs flecked

the catgut string

played by horsehair bow

my wig blowing in the wind

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