Thursday, January 9, 2014

Krystal Languell and Robert Alan Wendeborn!!

from Diamonds in the Flesh

Don’t get scared but I’m covered in mystery bruises
and the Internet is boring now that I know I’m sorry
I’m too slow. It’s a cold day in hell. The house turned

on us

I don’t trust the anti-bacterial qualities of Neosporin
if used as a lubricant. Venial vs Mortal: Venial never
associates with venereal. This is getting dark, so

maybe let’s
go for a jog.

The body punishes itself for crashing, suffers no fools.
You are a fool who wrecked her leg getting in a cab.
Nearbyish, adult people tongue bone marrow at restaurants

and you are
just waking up.

There’s this one tab open with a Russian twerking video
and I just can’t bring myself to close it. We’d all go broke
if everyone had to pay for sex. Everyone. It’s the haircut


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