Sunday, January 17, 2016



on the steps of the universe
life is more than merely the toys of condemnation
on the steps of the universe
memorial teddy bears disagree with atomic bombs
hysterical loudspeakers give lasting radiance  
to the insignificance of portable illusions
baseball caps blow down littered alleys
like the haze of distant wildfires
on the steps of the universe
polar madonnas die for no scientific reason 
embracing obvious propaganda
and mistreated customers line up out the door
on the steps of the universe
weary citizens vote for graven maps of literal continents
in the sinister distraction of vegetables
entrenched epidemics defect to completion
and the sharks of duplicity at last free constructive action

                                  ---Tom Hibbard

Tom Hibbard's poetry collection Sacred River of Consciousness is available online at Moon Willow Press and Amazon. His collection Place of Uncertainty is available at Otoliths Online Books or Lulu. He's working on a new collection of poetry, Global People, and a selection of his prose on Visual Writing. Hibbard’s reviews and essays can be found in many journals on the internet.

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