Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Goodbye, My Love

You fucking
little slut
I was the only one
that’s what you told me
during our long walks in the park
late nights in North Beach
Sundays on the Bay
watching the normals walk dogs
and run for health
while we kicked back the last of
champagne and Four Loco

Now you little slut
you spread ‘em for another
one after another, after another
tens and hundreds and
god knows, maybe thousands

San Francisco
you little slut 

Your thighs chafed at the 101 and 280 split where
trains and Giants fans
fight for a piece of your precious flesh
touching you and rubbing you and
trying to stay the night
“It’s too late to catch the BART…”


Little hipster ants running
back and forth
and back and
forth and back
over that sweet spot at
16th and Valencia

Last I heard you’re even letting Google buses
cum inside of you
without a condom
his insides spilling into your
deep dark places
changing your DNA
becoming more him than you
even the Guardian left

Once reserved for poets and the poor
now a couple grand in the back pocket of
Sir Papa Landlord
will grease the foundation springs
that keep City Hall afloat

San Francisco
you little slut
your head in Marin
one hand in the Pacific
the other in Oakland
gateway to jesus
dissected by midwestern mosquitos

I’ll hold your hand when you die
while the ants trail off the ventricles
of your heart and
into the bigger parts of another town
blood gushing from the new
baby bridge pipes decorated with technology
feeding your nemeses with X’s

Some day San Francisco
you will hurt like I do
from my Fruitvale
watching your busty bridges heave
their last horny sigh

I will miss you
in a stalker kind of way
a love gone sour
a full house of high school polaroids

Some day the Google buses will
have rusted and leave you with
a cunt full of tetanus
his aged semen will wither upon your clit
where the ants have left a pile of empty eggs
and torn the plaids in strips
in an attempt to wipe away the proof
that you
San Francisco
are a slutty lover
who lets
anyone in
for the right price 

            --Missy Church

Missy Church is the host of a seasonal open-mic in Fruitvale, Oakland called Naked Bulb.  As a creative member of the Beast Crawl, Oakland's own literary festival, Missy participates in local art and literary events and is a Pushcart Prize Nominee. CHURCH - Retrospective, released by Paper Press, is Missy's first full length book covering the last 20 years of her poetic life.  

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