Saturday, January 30, 2016


                                                           Her Old Poems

                           when they were new were obsessed with recognition
                  of the mirror self transported into a cunningly arranged immediacy

                  Now it's date and run….shallow news in depth
                       twisting data as the wind shakes attention into anonymity
                          or following fog into an abysmally depthless direction
                              Take your choice if you can figure it out…

                          A lot of questions will be answered 
                  in a so called 'future' if you can remember the question
                                                  or recognize the answer
                      using a domestic ear to un-code all communication

                                   Perhaps using arctic ice as archival information
                           for the history of water.


                                                                                  March 25. 2014 Tuesday

                                                                                  Light drizzle 11:30am

                  WHEREVER YOU WALK     THERE'S A PATH

                                              When words let go of you
                           who are you anyway?

                                                          Every time you go away

                                   a way opens up


                                                you are

                           Where words are your path

                                   YOUR  words 

                                                     ARE   your path.  


July 14, 2014

Joanne Kyger is the author of more than 30 chapbooks and books of poetry. Her more recent books are AS EVER:SELECTED POEMS published by Penguin Books, ON TIME 2015 published by City Lights Books, and most recently a reprinting of THE JAPAN AND INDIA JOURNALS 1960-64, published by Nightboat Books 2015She lives on on the coast north of San Francisco.

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