Saturday, January 16, 2016


She listens to “The Power of Poughkeepsie” tapes in her Miraclesuit™ (after “The Poem” by George Oppen – as suggested by Google)

Dashmask, sickraven, the caterpillar’s soft steps
I love thee like a home burial poem
Can you really summarize the rain?
How Annandale went out and learned to sweep the floor
Haiku hunter, how to be alone with your grammar
He wants to liberate the earth from civilization
Shark tank parishioners linger in New Zealand with folded hands
Killing flies like you, the candles throw in their music
Light travels like an unwelcome discography
Fat thistles, wild with romantic swag in a republic of suffering
The end of days is a structure we can measure
Like body fat, matter, what we’ve lost, temperature, acres, audience
Acquainted, abbreviated, bees walk through Galileo’s yellow bible
This is not meant to be a theory or a factual statement
She is miserable and microwave safe and miracle-ized
The Jesus Bible Tankini
Were we created by extraterrestrials?
Were we meant to eat meat together in a past life?
Were we just wasting broken hearted time?
Neolithic revolution, we vote on a hypothesis of tomorrow
Hopping arctic compass parabola, Batman
Indigo, cosine, derivative, crimp, shine
Thistleheads and wrecks, even god is deprived of place
Things invented by accident:
space, the number 3, Central Park, the sky, the ocean, this coming weekend in Manhattan
I miss the things hidden in money
Burning plasma, burning mouth syndrome
The Buddha bass tab on shiny toy guns
Lyrics yell for weed control, ignorant devices
We are not eaten by yaks, not amused and not alone
You are not statistically significant
Sticky rice lip gloss, stilettos, stillborn, stinkbugs
Starless, this is the place for the writer to handwrite their name
The river begins like a book, its scaffolding, staging
Watermark, wish, wound
Two dots scream at each other
The door smiles at her amnesia bones
The wind contains additional commands, willows
Smooth orange synonyms are your horses
Outrageous drinking games involving otters
Limitless walkthrough zombie Sasquatch annihilation
Cut breath fantasy gamer
Hope is inorganic, so simple, our idleness
Is it really unlawful to duplicate this key?
An unknown mortal orchestra
Armies of artists and their alphabets
All the question marks started to sing
The Styrofoam began to melt away, and saints said “whoa”
Furled this last syllable of recorded time
and the least penetrating form of radiation you should know about in English
Verses like dangerous branches
At the mall there was a séance to find the least random number
Newspapers were once ships, commonplacing
Taproots among beauties, Nike married a striping machine
Self-immolation as a photographic protest
Brightness brushes coastal bedrooms, the sky burns after reading
Shell scripts in darkness strategy
Is the light from a lightbulb coherent?  The sky is polarized
Incandescent monochromatic ohmic
We live in an invented America
The diaper bag is also on fire
Insolence pixelated, water cycle, the weekend never dies streaming
The rose fought between the warmth of other suns
Unsaid, brides forget in slow motion
Bridesmaids carry Carnival Cruises to America
Buffoonery oxidizes
The appearance of an organism is its consensus
Guests trade silence in the facial flex dictionary
She’s a sentimentality virgin, landlocked hours
Language lives on moats, the wild Venezuela office message
Out of sleeping pills, we’re deductible

                                 ---Anne Gorrick

Anne Gorrick is a poet and visual artist in West Park, NY.  Most recently, she is the author of: A’s Visuality (BlazeVOX Books, Buffalo, NY, 2015) and has co-edited (with Sam Truitt) In|Filtration: An Anthology ofInnovative Poetry from the Hudson River Valley (Station Hill Press, Barrytown, NY, 2016).  She co-curates with Melanie Klein the reading series Process to Text.

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