Saturday, January 2, 2016


I Like People

I like people.

I like persons.
O — kay?

I like personas
done well.

One unwell persona
tried to hack another persona’s
personal preferences
and called that hacking love.

Notta lotta personas
respond well 
to personal preference hacking.

Uncomfortable it is
not liking this persona
who is a person
who thinks I’m liking 
their persona.

Uncomfortable is 
kind of living a lie
not liking who thinks I’m liking
is uncomfortable.


That uncomfort is lower voltage
than confronting that assumption of personhood
crouching in that cramped persona 
which does not wander a mind field large enough
to warrant heart burn
mind burn, tongue burn stoked
by the confrontationally unsatisfying.

Unsatisfaction can burn in my head for days
in replays of the shoulda saids.
And that is most uncomfortable.

Why do that to myself? 
I’m a person.
One of the people.


I like people.

            --- Barbara Barg

Barbara Barg was born out of formless chaos. For billions of years, she grew in a cosmic egg, working ceaselessly to create order by separating her clear yang from her turbid yin. She likes exploring mutability and is working on paying better attention. She hopes to out-live fascism and imperialism, but doesn’t let the demise of democracy destroy attainments of personal happiness and peace where appropriate.

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