Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Truckin’ like a June Bug



Good day sunshine and welcome to TRUCK for the month of June 2011. I’m Frank Parker and I’ll be shifting gears for you as we highball highways and jakebrake on down grades into towns with signs that read “No Jakebreaks!”. That means we may move fast and loud but we won’t be late.

I’m going to feature a daily broadside created from a poem or slice of a poem or translation from the poets and translators found on my web site an active anthology of verse. I began making what I like to call electronic broadsides and posting them to my Facebook page around December 2009. I started an album of my own poetry, 33 of which are currently featured on Michael Rothenberg’s BIG BRIDGE, and then began an album called poem-O-the-week that show cases an author from my web site every Monday on Facebook.

However, on TRUCK I will be making daily posts. Now this is important, some broadsides are larger than this blog will permit. In order to see a full size image all you need to do is click on the broadside.

My thanks to Halvard Johnson for entrusting me with TRUCK. Look out June, here we come!

Your comments are welcomed and encouraged please!

Charles Alexander

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Charles Alexander's books of poems include Hopeful Buildings (Chax 1990), Arc of Light / Dark Matter (Segue 1992), Near or Random Acts (Singing Horse 2004), and Certain Slants (Junction 2007). He lives in Tucson, Arizona, where he directs Chax Press and shares an art studio and life with visual artist Cynthia Miller. He has received three Fund for Poetry Awards as well as the Arizona Arts Award. He teaches at Naropa University, the University of Arizona, Chax Press, and Pima Community College. He is a founding member of the Tucson poetry and art presenting group POG, and former director of the Tucson Poetry Festival and the Minnesota Center for Book Arts. You can find Chax Press on Facebook too.

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Frank Parker
June 1, 2011

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