Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dawn — Erminia Passannanti


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Erminia Passannanti is an Italian poet, translator and essayist. She read Modern Languages at The Faculty of Letters and Philosophy of the Salerno University (Italy). She completed a doctorate at the UCL (London University College) on the poetry of Franco Fortini. Erminia lives in Oxford, England, where she teaches Italian Literature at St Clare's College and gives tutorials at St Catherine's College.


  1. Can anyone help me witn an English translation of Franco Fortini's "4 November 1956" -- does Ms Passannanti have a blog or email as she is the leading translator of Fortini?
    "Il ramo secco brucio in un attimo
    Ma il ramo verde non vuol morier,
    Dunque era vera la verita.
    Solddato russo, ragazzo ungherese,
    non v'ammazzate dentro di me.
    Da quel giorno ho saputo chi siets:
    e il nemico chi e."
    Thanks in advance, Bill Lyons, Portland OR

  2. Hello,, Bill Lyons, I came across your comment as a friend pointed it to me. You are welcome to reach me at concerning Fortini's poem.

  3. Dear Bill Lyons, you are welcome to contact me at this email address, concerning your interest in Fortini's poem.
    Regards, erminia