Thursday, June 23, 2011




Mark Weiss’ publications include five books and chapbooks of poetry: Letter to Maxine (Heron Press, 1974), Intimate Wilderness (New Rivers Press, 1976), A Block Print by Kuniyoshi (Four Zoas Nighthouse Press, 1994), Fieldnotes (Junction Press, 1995) and Figures: 32 Poems (Chax Press, 2002). He edited (with Harry Polkinhorn) Across the Line/Al otro lado: The Poetry of Baja California, and edited and translated “The New Cuban Poetry,” a fifty-page special section of Poetry International VI (2002). Forthcoming are, as editor, The Whole Island/La isla en peso: Six Decades of Cuban Poetry (2005), and, as editor and translator, Stet: Selected Poems of José Kozer (2004),  (with Harry Polkinhorn) Luis Cortés Bargalló's booklength poem To the Unconquerable Shore/Al margen indomable, Selected Poems of Gastón Baquero, and Selected Poems of Raúl Hernández Novás. He is editor and publisher of Junction Press.

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  1. Anywhere to buy his books? I am currently working from home selling import and export goods online and I trade mostly books and cd's. I think his work is really amazing.