Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Nostalgia — Jim Wilson


Jim Wilson, 1942-2008

A note about Jim Wilson, a somewhat elusive figure, whose name, and sometimes photo, have shown up in Haight-Ashbury histories, including one online (TheStraight.Com see first photograph). He was co-founder (with me) of Poet's Theater in San Francisco. Wilson published in Dust, Illuminations, and Bricoleur in the sixties. He studied dance with Noel Parenti. Jim Wilson 1942-2008.

-- David Gitin

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  1. Is that the Jimmy Wilson born in Buffalo, New York, who attended the City College of San Francisco in 1964? He was part of the poetry scene then, and may have lived in 421 Laguna Street. I remember him at the Blue Unicorn Cafe when the first Hearst reporters turned up there from the San Francisco Examiner, trying to find out what Flower Power was.
    Brian Milton