Wednesday, June 8, 2011

MODAL — David Gitin

Gitin,David 2
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David Gitin, born in Buffalo, NY, was influenced by the work and friendship of Allen Ginsberg, Charles Olson, and Robert Creeley before moving to San Francisco in the mid-60s where he co-founded Poets Theater with Jim Wilson, edited Bricoleur, and produced radio programs for KPFA in Berkeley.

He eventually settled in Monterey, CA, working as a jazz disc jockey as well as teaching English at Monterey Peninsula College and producing a reading series that included Carl Rakosi, Michael McClure, Ron Silliman, Allan Kornblum, Lorenzo Thomas, Jeanine Pommy Vega, Diane di Prima, Maureen Owen and Bernadette Mayer to name just a few.

His ten books of poetry include This Once, New and Selected Poems 1965-1978, and Fire Dance, both from Blue Wind Press; Passing Through, from Linehan Press; and just out from Blue Wind Press, The Journey Home.

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