Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Mirek Bodnar 2

translated by Marichka Oliynyk

* * *

I am hiding in a corner,
eating quietly, sleeping quietly.
Suddenly – someone threw a hook.
I am nibbling.

Floating as a fish and rummaging in a silt.
Maybe carp, maybe sheatfish.
I am on the bottom, mule is on the top
drinking water and falling asleep.

The mule, heat and summer are on the top.
I am keeping to the depth.
Prominent actor, not Chaplin – Keaton,
has dreams about me.

Deep Mississippi.
A raft is floating, and on the raft
arranged dancing,
putting tipi,
having golden skin.

Сhildren of flowers, all are bright,
consciousness is widened to the limit.
There Jesus is giving weed to Barabbas,
and «The Beatles» is arising from the towers of Babel.

As for me – I am just a fish,
floating and rummaging in a silt.
Dancing, singings, shouts, wheezes are heard from the top,
noise and boom are heard from the top.

Suddenly became quietly. Shhhh, not a word!
I felt silent, stopped and pretending
like I am forging quiet in myself.

Suddenlysomeone threw a hook.
I am nibbling.



translated by Khrystyna Mykhailiuk


sick beast wanders the dead zone

the bar where you met
other places which she visits
the district where she lives
the lanes along which she gets to her workplace –
you steer clear of all these places
(though sometimes you needn't)

you don't use the tram
by which she goes home
(though sometimes you need)

and what is the purpose of all that?

and the purpose is
not to come across her accidentally
and rape her directly in the street
right in front of everyone's eyes

sick beast wanders the dead zone

dialogue of the divorced

were you unfaithful?
with plenty of but on one occasion with everyone
and you?
I was
with one but on plenty of occasions
you'll return to me
it wasn't a question
then yes
and for how long this time?
till the end
until death do us part
I'll buy you a handgun

before I relent and slip out

it would be a beautiful,
almost divine job
unless there weren't a forced necessity
to leave her alone in bed with her orgasm after everything has happened
(she coils,
doesn't shout anymore
doesn't beseech
makes muffled sounds by a whisked breath)
and to go to the bathroom to wash the hands
full of warm sperm
and then to return
to lie down near her
and for a few minutes more
like beasts
to smell into sex

hence don't ask why I don't come
why from time to time I stop

I stop to continue
I don't come to drag out for the moment
when being exhausted and wet
we fall asleep
absorbed by each other


what is the most doleful thing in the world?

when a bottle is over
when cigarettes are over
when grass is over

but these are trifles

the most doleful thing is when she says:

don't you mind to stay the night at your own place?

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