Saturday, July 13, 2013

Donna Kuhn


it's like you're giving someone a bag of your breath 
don't ask me what i want, no one is 28 and vegas
is undoubtably made of glass

i loved u so stop and find a low fluoride toothpaste
i am supposed to marry someone while cats breathe
mick jagger

i am the ocean and here is a cup of tell me
where is my half naked hairy lumberjack
i am only pretending i am lost and cold

i call adele a fat cow, i am only pretending
to explode, i am tired of brad pitt; i am tired
of your beauty

a stupid smirk on your beauty, now i can go
the cold and the wind; listen, i've had enough
i am interested in my cereal

i am tired of tea and smelling myself
in the long run it was the cold and wind
that listened

don't come back if you're a lumberjack
people don't understand why they don't
talk to me

the cruelty of your face, i am dating brad pitt
and i can't find my nasal spray; u are like a
child to me

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