Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mirek Bodnar 3

translated by Khrystyna Mykhailiuk

primitive forms

favourite game – «snake»
favourite pose – the missionary one
favourite cigarettes – «pryluky»
(though that little bitch lured me into «camel»)
favourire drink – vodka mixed with juice (in a bar)
green tea (at home)
favourite activity – to drink (in a bar)
to sleep (at home)
to write, to smoke (everywhere)
favourite condition – after the grass
favourite dance – pogo
favourite colour – black
(also grey)
favourite phraze – don't know

(but the only thing which I truly cannot do without is music)

don't need more
am satisfied with the little
feel lonely
though am not

love me, love my dog

she had a divine smile with a dimple on one cheek only
she had divine motions hands lips body

childish ingenuousness with which she dressed and undressed
gratitude with which she took and gave back
lightness with which she walked felt asleep woke up
tenderness with which she came kissed caressed

she broke everything off
by one phrase
at 6 a.m.

will you walk kessichka?

total football

everyone tries to bring something home to me

best friend persuades:
this is greediness
it's endless
have to choose one out of two

TV scrolling newsline says:
inhabitants of a settlement
which consists of women only
profess Buddhism and have their own language
in which there are no words
that might mean «father» or «husband»

the third day on end johnny rotten screams in my head:
fuck this and fuck that
fuck it all and fuck a fucking brat

the one whom you listen to most often
(because she is a woman,
the only one true woman in your life)
almost made you believe:
whatever path one chooses
everyone ends up at one and the same place

I turn away from all of them
and watch football
the Dutch are playing

holy week

have drunk away the money laid by for a funeral
have drunk away the money laid by for a birthday
have drunk away the money laid by for a rent
have drunk away the money laid by for grass

tomorrow I should have visited a barber's
but I wouldn't go
I have nothing to pay for it
have drunk away everything today

I'll drink away the money laid by for food
I'll drink away the money laid by for booze
and at last will start fasting

last days

spring but as if it were autumn
a lot of dead leaves
the smell of ploughed earth
the cats stroll
everyone burns something
birds are nowhere to be seen
I was again walking barefoot in my sleep
the wind blows through
the state of affairs doesn't contribute to conversations
yesterday the sky fell down
and fear won't set free anymore
mouth is filled with thick transparent saliva

tomorrow the apocalypse will begin
because it was my wish
and it's late to change something


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