Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Rudolfo Carrillo

Generation of Text Structures as Lunar Output

There are three books currently available. Division, as calculus implies, is an inverse operation, especially where the movement of reptiles is concerned. I understand the statement. Previous iterations of humans observed the eyes of the creatures they encountered. Some came to believe afterwards that the soul resided there.

Fill my lens with water.

The first text describes objects made from iron and its compounds. The symbolism of modern mathematics is limited to representations of this universe. There is no reason to be upset. At least three men wandered from town to town, gazing deeply into the other worlds they discovered.

The southern remedy.

Another collection of bound pages describes animals that flew. Collections of Cartesian coordinates often represent data and only rarely, sentient entities. Relax, I understand. In one place, where the desert met the sea and where butterflies roamed fragrantly, the travelers arrived at night and recoiled at the blindness of sleep.

Universal comfort, incorporated.

The final book is actually a device programmed to play ghostly songs from the American childhood. This is especially the case when negative integers are invoked. A nap will be refreshing. Until then none of them had considered the formidable evocation generated by tidal forces and cyclic somnolence.

I will build a machine from that.

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