Thursday, July 18, 2013

John M. Bennett - episode 2 - attack of the poems


dans un coin du miroir de
Vicente un conejo se mu
ere y me muerdo la
mano - saveur aux sar
dines - una cacada donde
mi s pa sos se ale
jan et un morc eau de
taco en boca del ra
tón de mi máquina de
hescribir  .la fonetique
nasona ,placer du plaisir
funéraire  .sin peine
,sueño del guacamole

Je cache un souvenir
- Vicente Huidobro

lumpy throne

nuts and legs his foaming
kale bowl a dog clock
grinning on the wall
the pool pr eacher furls a
phids cluster on that h
airless “arm flaccid in yo
ur lap”

oh the whispering towels
o les cadavres jettés a la mer


Shoes and Lakes ¡  twice yam
mered at ,the slit stone face the
gum collected in yr ear Fog
and Sock !  )where the gristle in
your pocket grew its hair no(
ambiente clambinatorio ni e
bola giggling on the stove

the bun locker thick with mold

)))your foamy shirt your sp
lintered deck your cuad
rant spun in spheres(((

...sur des choses gluantes...
- Gustave Flaubert


fing chew  .is hock horse is
,twenty three of chains
.block the sandal ,which of
you  .the steaming pill fork the
.ashy lip condenser and the
questionnaire WAVE THE
FLOPPY ONE on dog town

qui mangent les cadavres les
swinging mouches de Tlaloc
staring holes in the dark

eat the foam ,turn around
“we have scorched the snake...”

Xolotl: a pink translucent salamander...
- William S. Burroughs

Une nuit

street’s shoe lung ,a m
ask what jiggles in the
light a “pumpkin fulla
ants” your leaking form
condensed  )like clouds(
stopped before the doll-
strung door  )snigg
ery in a pillowcase ,yr
flopping face  .....(

))the duck the crowd the
pencil chewed to a cud(((((

L’infini attaque mais un nuage suave.
- René Char

the world of burning

fulminous ,gated ,chow
dered the rancid mussel
or ,yr tongue a ,towel
gushing sodden f lame wh
,at dribbles down my “leg”
- the outer crank - I ga
thered all my - f laking p
ages w ,here yr open sh
irt exposed the extra ear
o))dim with lint o s hine ou
tside the laundromat  !)yr
smouldering socks sack yr sh

Din pomii šasiţi de amurg în adǎile noastre
- Paul Celan


end the ham lake custard
back yr throat tu cogote
atestado de ,formigas ,log
gland ,pellets of cheese
and dirt  .trid eseehc ,ants
,eht tellaw coughshguoc ,am
ado sin nervo lante in
texticular I sppspat it oudt
.to the vapors roiling in the
bathroom ,and the
falling watches

...raincoats about angels...
- Jim Leftwich


your sausage gape - tidy-bowl -
lens compaction wheee zes
and yr said nothing blooaats’
“redemption” - haw - shiner
twitching on the line  .I
)fell so deep(  raw pool
,mesmer ,focal joint
purulencia y tu pinche pon
cho de lluvia  .)stirring the k
raut ,and what the
buns forgot(

...perro ,bruma ,potato chips...

...stage props burn in the haze...
- Ivan Argüelles

...two knees languid yolk...
- Jim Leftwich

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