Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Victor Neborak - SHE (rap performance by Kids of the Queenie)

translated by Michael Naydan


I looked at her like at a thing
wanna be with her, man, one on one
wanna have her all, all night long
need some big bucks, dude, to get the bitch

I wanna sleep with her in Monte Carlo town
need some big bucks, dude, to woo her all around
buy some new bling to make her sing
a flying saucer too, drink some brew
p-ineapples-o-ranges-a-pricots vodka

scuze me dude, don’t wanna be rude
brutha loan me another
c-spot for the tip


on the balcony you stand
like a mannequin
you got marble hands
blood’s just like carmen

night’s losin’ color
in your black eyes
bloody matadors
be out of the prize

bards strain their throats
gold so fine
you’re a goddess full of pride
honey pie babe
sweet child of mine

iron winds unfurl
snowdrops ears of grain and
an orange stream hurls
onto scorching sand


(crazy lady)
alone in the lilies you’re walkin’, walkin’
white tops wearin’
eyes on the trees you’re
paintin’, paintin’
you’re the queen of
the cretins my crazy lady

when you walk into shrines
gates crumble behind ‘em
with their claws they scratch
the cretins at a wedding

you’re the queen of
the cretins
the temp’s 90 degrees
don’t lead me lordy
to her hot chamber

darkness falls from the soul
the wine’s hot and thick
but the queenie’s cryin’
over the snout of a pig

you’re the queen of
the cretins
you’re-a-wi-ld wi-ld qu eenie
we be dancin’ in the wind

You’re the queen of
the cretins
you’re-a-wi-ld wi-ld qu e enie
we be dancing in the wind

you’re the queen of the cre . . .


you got ’spensive eyes
you got big magumbos
your lips give me pleasures
you got lots of treasures

in your heart’s museum
in your gallery-alley
so much there is to show
blooming in ev’ry room

you’re there in ev’ry room
like ants boys be all around
flyin’ at the portraits they consume
the faces where you’re found

look they see your dried up skin
shakespeare‘s soliloquies within
with spirits your head’s all filled
they ask, “Who’s she?” they chilled



she be one of a lot
the only one i want i long
there are many of her sought
a thousand bodied throng

a fox-eyed thousand
voices families balls
milky-white teeth and keys
from the heart and gapers all

o honored gapers
snuff out your eyes at night
she goes to bed in thousands of beds
you’re taking the keys of delight

don’t open her up but cover her
away for hard labor
for her beauty’s favor!
you need a bit of vo-i-ce
i’ll life my head
and rejoice

she be one of a lot
the only one on earth
i got
no sky no sea bottom

she be
or a sad Holy Mother
come down from a painting


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