Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Mirek Bodnar 1

translated by Helen Harney

dedicated to the world poetry readings

photograph me
for I am a poet!
fuck my brains
for I am a poet!
take my interview and give me head
for I am a poet!

you wanted it yourselves
I was shy and embarrassed
I blushed and looked down
but you said here, look
it's a poet!
now deal with it

I got lazy,
I was lazy and got lazier still
I used to write verse and now I write only «poems»
I have to drink and smoke even more
I have to get stoned for even more
for you said poet

feed me
for I am a poet!
buy me a ticket from lviv to franyk
I want to go home
for I am a poet!
sleep with me
live with me
every poet must have enough sex and sleep

I didn't go to your fuckwittering gatherings
I hanged alone
I had friends and a wife
now I have readers and followers
I got on a wagon and had pockets full of grass
but you came and said look,
it's a poet!

and now i have to drink again
again I to write these fucking manifestos
to sort everything out
I have to impregnate every woman that comes my way and bring up bastards
to give you interviews and let you give me head
step up to a photo
to a marriage
to an execution by firing squad
to disrobe
drop my pants and jerk off
and with my every gesture
my every scar
my every inch of skin
to demonstrate that I am a poet
and that I know more than you
even if I don't know fuck
and show my every scar
and hone my every gesture
because you only react to this
because you say a poet
without even realizing that it all is worth shit

this is something like warmed up ice to touch
but perhaps not so unpleasant
languid stream of electrons
play of light on pastel wallpaper
relaxed body
somewhere in the fog lost consciousness
like a warm nauseating look from childhood
when all that you lean ona cigarette
after all what unites us except drugs and talks?
that, what everyone can say with a look?
now we knowicons are painted from the blind
the ship has entered the port
all of the crew survived
several hostile vessels taken and boarded
so how do you say?
completely blew my memory?
but still all the dead are remembered


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