Thursday, March 12, 2015


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Mexican Limes

              Beyond the window
                                      these limes:
              the many slender, spreading branches and sharp axillary spines.

              Close up, their long, leathery, evergreen leaves dream of Himalayan                                   valleys;
              are light-purplish when young.

              Spanish gives them the limelight—
              a long run for their money with many different names:

              lima cida, lima chica, lima boba, limn chiquito, limn criollo,
              limn sutil, limn corriente and limn agria.

              They are a far cry from the single word: baladi in Egypt
              and in Morocco, doc.

(from The Loveliest Vein of our Lives (Poetry Space Ltd., Bristol, U.K., 2014)

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