Tuesday, March 17, 2015


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Pickerel Color List

Lavender Floral Lavender Web:
bruised playground committee goes
ass up in royal fashion.  Palm eyes
for indirect sun, years 4-10, a pulse
of it. Nothing out. The boy walks
around close talking, repeating

 a 3 ft big box letter
a fortune in coffee

La Salle or India algae ghouls
swallow & spit minnow darts
reed tangle & machine sound

Electric Catalina Yonder
 a hover structure sexual
even solo sometimes piled
in trains of 3-4 surface
body tension bait mass stir

Big dip o’ruby not brick
I hear my blood again
a float bottom w/ fish glint
cardinal rip or traffic

Cadmium Cal Poly
hard berries of the not
yet some lamb’s ear
distant reports
rifles and divorce
come to mind

Canary Corn or Chrome
all the reasons that
car’s for sale

Laser Lemon lily
butter petaled
 to a sci fi tongue

Persian Resolution pocket
marshy plastic egg half

more sap more sea
less UFO bully fully 
oak moraine

over-washed forest: ground grows wings

fade to zomp 
burdock ears little
machine faced fella
drags a segmented
fucker home to eat
Stizza meets Sunglow
blood up poplars on a cream
hike.  217 miles of road
sign can’t turn her off. Epicenter
overlap,  dirty fist of crayon
slutty sun, finch, rod,
and Walking-Away-World

sadly Lincoln nipple deep in the skirt
grass ambience of elm wheeze a puffy
clump of nomenclature rich as fuck
in the cricket synth effect

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